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KJHS Objectives

Now a days most of the political parties and their leaders are taking name of caste, creed, religion and territory and doing politics as their business. Due to which there is there is danger to the national integrity and Unity of the nation. They are only assuring, promising, giving speech, using way of hunger strike, Assembling etc. They are only showing false dreams to the countrymen. So we have established Krantikari Jai Hind Sena To teach lesson to those parties and their leaders under the thoughts and sprits of Netaji Subhashchandra Bose.

Women and young men are only base of our country, they are only future of the nation. Political leaders are only using those women and youth by putting the evil problem of unemployment before them. They are not willing to solve this problem. Due to which criminal activities are having growth, poor people are in the problem of education, food, employment, residence, health etc. Those political parties are also assaulting journalists, social workers. There is high un justice, torture , fear, corruption in each and every field of the nation and there is no body to protect to those common people. So we have tried to give solution to this country through Krantikari Jai Hind Sena. There are problems of drinking water, irrigation to the farmers. There is no end to the list of those problems, which have created by those political leaders and their parties. Police of this country instead of stopping crime, they themselves are becoming criminals , which is shown by Telgi scam and other many matters.

In this way Krantikari Jai Hind Sena is trying to bring revolutionary changes by uniting, organization women and youth of this country. They are only the future of this country who will bring revolution in each and every field of the country. So we have decided 50 % chance to women and first preference will be given to the youth in Party organization as well as coming election. We will give the policy of professional education, and bring revolutionary changes in agriculture, Industry etc.

Party will try to give solution to each and every problem . We will bring atmosphere of love, equity, unity in the country. Krantikari Jai Hind Sena will promise to build nation and to make it free from un justice, corruption and fear.

Jai Hind.