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KJHS Manifesto

Why Krantikari Jai Hind Sena is necessary in Politics?

For the past more than 60 years millions of common Indians are suffering from injustice & corruption. Injustice & corruption are main evils of general public of our country, against which it is just & necessary to fight against the same. No any of the rulingpolitical parties are ready to fight against injustice and corruption , because of this our nation is not going to progress in various sectors in comparison to other countries in the word who have got their independence after our country. Our nearest neighbor country China got independence in year 1949 in the leadership Mao TseTung and said nation is one of the powerful country in the word along with America , Brittan , France , Russia, etc. but in our country no any leader has given efforts for the development of our country in parallel to other countries.

Our national hero REVOLUTIONARY SUN NETAJI SUBHASHANDRA BOSE who was having all visions in respect of development of our country and to make our nation as a powerful country and also he had established his government as , “AZAD HIND GOVERNMENT”. But it is our unfortunate occasion that in year 1939 that in the second world war Germany , Japan , Italywho were friends of Netaji defeated by America , Brittan , France , Russia i. e. friend nation alliance , so there was no any option before NetajiSubhashchandra Bose instead of ending battle /war againstBritishers who were ruling over our country. Thereafterit is stated that, leaders at that time shown false & bogus episode before the world that in year … plane crash was occurred & it was the end of NetajiSubhashchandra Bose, in this way all of them ended his life of Netaji eventhough he is alive. All of us knows that thereafter majority of political leaders have taken benefit of caste, religion, region & creed for coming & continuing in the power. For this selfishness Neharu ,Jina were primary leaders at that time in which our integrated India ( Hindustan ) was partitioned in two countries in the name of Bharat and Pakistan and now Bangladesh is also there. These are outputs of dirty politics which results in to partition of our nation and assassinationof Mahatma Gandhi. Itis most ill and heinous act done by them to show danger to our integrity and equity of our country in future.

In this way after the leadership of Nehru , his political successors also continueddifferences of Hindustani Public in the name of cast , creed , religion and region , it resulted in to various riots in our country on various occasions example –Hindu Shikhriot after assassination of Indira Gandhi in year 1984 , riots in Asamand Eastern States at the time of Rajiv Gandhi , riots in between students of open and O. B. C. categories in the name of protest against implement ofMandal Commissionat the time of V. P. Singh , Hindu - Muslim riots in the name of destroy of Babri Masjid in year 1993 at the time of Narsinhrao , Because of those incidence there arises question before us i.e. patriotic citizens of our country that, if this will go on continuously the policy of FODA & ZODA (DIVIDE AND RULE) just like British rulers , there is no any long day to see that there will be no any nationi. e. India on the map of world and all of us will be thrown in the dark. So in year 2002 on the Independence day i. e. 15thAugust we along with various patriotic citizens from various cities of our country particularly youngsters(male and females) came together and decided to established KRANTIKARI JAI HIND SENA a new and revolutionary political organization in our country on the thoughts , principles and vision of NETAJI SUBHASHANDRA BOSE organizing youth and women of our country to defend against injustice , corruption and to protect our national integrity , equity from evil minded peoples who shows themselves as political leaders who are main enemies of our nation and are continuously applying policy of divide and rule (FODA AND ZODA) in the name of caste , creed , religion and region. In this way after full discussion and decision to establish KRANTIKARI JAI HIND SENA based on the principles & patriotic thoughts of NETAJI SUBHASHCHANDRA BOSE & OTHER REVOLUTIONARIES LIKE BHAGATSINGH, RAJGURU, SUKHDEO ETC.

Our aim to establish KRANTIKARI JAI HIND SENA to unite youth & women of our country to lead the nation for defending injustice & corruption & externment ( Tadipar) the persons who are enemies of national integrity & unity , who have made this nation weak and deprived who depend on others by entering in politics and having power. Wehave entered politics to change the current corrupt and self-serving system of politics forever by revolutionary programs in various sectors.

Our Vision

Our main vision is for the development of rural India and agriculture of our country with the help of youth and women. We have to bring major revolution in rural India and it is the dream of our party which is seen by our party president Mr. Khemjibhai H. Padadiya. We want to make rural India healthy , selfreliantand prosperous by creating self employment opportunities at village level , dairy development , promoteproduction of milk and dairy product , promote organic farming and obtain benefits of the same , self sufficiency in power sector by using alternatives fuels , reduction of petroleum products usage and replace with viable alternatives , generation of income from carbon credit certificates , 100% literacy at village level , improving quality of health , promoting productivity in all sectors , modernizing and improving standards of living in rural areas , promoting research in to all sectors of life to bring change in every aspect of living with bringing economic revolution in every coroner of India.

Today nobody can say that India has achieved the dream of entire development of our country. Prior to independence our citizens were under the ruling of British rulers. And now they have become slaves of Indian rulers who are most corrupt and unjustified than British rulers.

Our 17 points program

KrantikariJaihindSena has proclaimed it’s 17 points program in the interest of welfare of all citizens and for keeping them free from fear and corruption. This will results in to revolutionary changes in all sectors for the development of our country.

1. Speedy Trials (Speedy Judicial System)

Because of limited courts, Judicial employees, and non interest of administration of Government, and other various problems there is delay in justice and it is nothing but injustice .It results in pending huge cases in respective courts from lower courts to supreme court .Hence we have decided to finish the trial of any matter within a week only .when any matter comes before the court, it is to be tried immediately, then only witnesses and evidence will come forward before the court boldly and speedy trial will be started, victims will get justice immediately. Then only it results that, there will be on injustice and corruption.

2. Free Electricity

Electricity is one of the basic requirements in our life just like water, food & shelter etc. So to produce required electricity is not so difficult. If, we will use 50% yearly budget for six months from central as well as state Govt then we will start more than Sufficient Electricity generating projects from various sources, seashore , water from rivers, coal, air etc., in all over our country and we can provide free electricity. For residential purpose, agriculture and industries etc. Within six months we can provide free Electricity. Then only our nation will be in progress and we can develop in all sectors.

3. No Income Tax

If we will go through tax system in our country, highest taxes are paid by us in our country in comparison to other countries in the world. So citizens try to save taxes by committing corruption. So we have decided one time tax system, it means where production will be produced at that time only one time tax will be imposed, so there will be no need for income tax, because of this policy there will be no high prizes will be stable, business and industries will be developed and common people will get it’s benefit.

4. Free Residence to Citizens

In rural area, citizens who will not have their own residences, they will be allowed to construct houses on the Government Land without any obstruction to anybody or for public road or any plan, scheme etc. There will be no formalities of permission or any for the construction of the same. Then only there will be no problem of unauthorized slums or corruption and free residence scheme will be existence. In urban area free flat systems just redevelopment schemes will be started.

5. Lowest Food Grain Cost

It is also decided that prize of food grains i.e. jawar, wheat, rice,bajra will be Rs. 4 only for next 5 years continuously. The said prizes will be constant for 5 years continuously.

6. 50% Rights to Women in all sectors

In the history of world there was each and every attempt to keep women away, from various sectors. When each and every women is with man in her family. She take care of her family, she maintains them. So we have taken revolutionary decision to give equal rights them to built-up our nation. So 50% rights will be given to women in political as well as in all sectors. In this way there will be no discrimination in respect of sex in our country & it will be one of the revolutionary steps in the development of women.

7. Free Medical Aid and Medicine

In our country there are so many primary health centers, civil hospitals in various districts, but there is no sufficient medical aid nor medicine is provided to the common people, so most of the citizens are suffering because of this problem. It is duty of the state to take care of health of people, so we will provide free medical aid and medicine to the people. In this way we will remove malpractices in medical profession.

8. Free Education

We will provide free education i.e. from primary to higher education i.e. higher education, legal, medical, engineering, etc. Now a day’s in respect of education in our country is there is unproclaimed (undeclared) rule i.e. “NO ADMISSION WITHOUT DONATION “. Private education societies have established their easy business of education to loot our Indian peoples and to keep them away from their developments. So we will finish this system and new revolution in education sector will be started.

9. Employment to everybody & closed factories, establishments will be started

There are various establishments & factories which were established under M.I.D.C, G.I.D.C. etc and many of which are closed in which all the machineries are in it with no use, because of it, we have total loss and stopped our development in industrial and employment sector, so we will start all the closed factories & establishments with handing over it to our unemployed and skilled youth with supporting financial funds from our banks through Government, We will also start central production distribution Board and there will no problem of marketing to the production which will be produced.

10. Cultivation of Sterile and Forest Land

In our Country only 33% land is cultivated for agricultural purpose, so at about 10 acres land will be allotted to the landless farmers from 67% sterile and forest land and it will be binding them to cultivate fruits & flowers trees on the boundaries of said land which will be allotted to farmers. Due to which there will be growth of food grains, fruits & flowers in the country & there will be health improvement and development of peoples this country.

11. No Castism only Nationalism in our N

Hindustan is divided into three countries Bharat, Pakistan & Bangladesh only because of religion. Now a day’s disease of castism is spreading in all over the country up to village and there is again fears of division of our country, so there will strict rule i.e. No castism& only nationalism and we will protect our integrity, unity and brotherhood of our country.

12. Super High Way Project

Roads & communication is nothing but blood nerves of our country, within 60 years we have not developed our roads & communication systems of our country, so we will built Super High Way roads which will come together to four directions i.e. East, West, South & North of our country with connecting in centre of the country. Railway, Canals & Electric Grids will be along with super High Ways, so expenses on petrol, diesel will be saved & there will be development of our country in all sectors.

13. Vision Rural India

Our country is made up of 80% villages & agriculturalists, but till now nobody has considered in the development of villages & agriculturalists so we have planned a big plan in the name of vision Rural India in its development in all sectors , villages will be developed in all angles & peoples from city will divert in villages.

14. Solution To Local Problems And Strong Security To The Nation

There are various local problems in our country like Naxalite movement, Assam problem, Telangna, Boundaries of states, so we will take primary notice of all those local problems and find out suitable solution which will be better in upliftment of peace and brotherhood of citizens.We will give importance to the security of our country & make strong plans in respect of it, we will take care of soldiers and its officers, we will try to produce weapons and modernization in it in our own Country. We will honour to military and give importance to Indian games like reselling, Kabbaddi, Kho-Kho, etc& priority will be given to the players in military, police & security services. Because of this there will be no fear of terrorism or any problem.

15. Mission against Addiction

We know that empty mind is devil’s home, so in our country because of various reasons like unemployment, illiteracy, corruption, injustice addiction is spread over and it should be stopped, so we will start mission against addiction to save our country.

16. Home to workers at the place of establishment

Private or Government employees must have their residences at the place of it’s establishment, so we will encourage businessmen, factory owners, industrialists to arrange residences for their employees, so problem of traffic, time saving, fuel saving etc will be solved.

17. Solutions to Petrol and Diesel

We will try to give solution to the problem of petrol and diesel crises. We will inspire for the alternate resources like biogas, bio-diesel or any other. We will arrange team of scientists to invent / discover for separating Hydrogen from water as fuel instead of petrol and diesel. Because of which total problem in all over world for fuel will be solved, and there will be no need of importing fuel from other countries like Iraque, Saudi, Quiet etc.